Engage Your Customers with Social Media Marketing

Social media is a way for any company, organization or individual to reach their potential customer and exisiting clients. When you want to sell an idea, product or service, you have to be where your audience is…and today that means on social media.

Why Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest allow users to stay in contact with one another…sharing ideas, videos, updates, news, recipes, etc. Social media is exactly what it means: a place to be social and share media and stay connected.

For brands and individuals that are looking to connect with their audience, being on social media gives them a unique opportunity to engage their demographic. Social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter allows you to open a direct line of communications with the masses, one that they can then respond to, share or ignore as they see fit.

With some social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, you have to get your audience to connect with you first before they can regularly see the content you post. With other platforms, like Twitter and LinkedIn, your content goes out to the world, and people can still choose to connect with you to better follow you.

One popular method of getting others into the conversation is called “hashtagging.” A hashtag, the pound sign followed by a keyword that represents the topic e.g. #SocialMedia, gets people to join the conversation.

When you join the conversation about topics near and dear to your brand, you set yourself as an authority in the industry. This is how you get people interested in you on social media. Once they are following you or “liking” you or “friending” you, your content will go directly into their newsfeeds.

When this happens, you have a direct line to your consumer to tell them anything you want. This means you can talk about your new product line, give them information they need and want, or any other number of things. Of course, you don’t want to just sell yourself, you want to keep them interested in what you have to say, so providing them with data, information, useful tips, funny stories, will keep them coming back for more.

It will also create a viral aspect to your social media marketing since your followers will want to share your interesting, fresh and helpful content with their friends. In turn, this brings more followers, viewers and ultimately, dollars to your brand.

Which Social Media Platforms are the Best for Marketing?

The current popular social media sites for marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Each social media site has a different user profile in terms of age group, interests and online habits.

For example:

  • Facebook tends to attract a middle-aged to older crowd, while Twitter lends itself to the younger to teen crowd
  • LinkedIn is mainly used by business and industry professionals
  • People who use Pinterest are more likely to be into crafts, the arts, cooking and DIY home projects

If you know your audience, you can directly translate that into knowing where your audience is on social media. It’s a matter of being where your audience is engaging with them.


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